The smile chronicles

I asked them a few questions and then broke out of my comfort zone and took some pictures (I've never been a connoisseur of the camera). But it's been the most unexpectedly fun and joyful task.

Sometimes we laugh like her sister

“We let the audience be themselves,” said Rebecca, “and I had to resist getting tricks out of them”. Rebecca also hoped for the audience to experience the show instinctively through “sitting in stunned silence or laughing with discomfort or genuine hilarity”.


  Have you ever sat on the grass for a good few hours, listening to the wind rustle the leaves around you, eyes closed, not feeling the prickly lawn hairs beneath you, just the gurgle of liquid, the quiet ping of emptiness and egg? The answer is probably no and that is fairly average unless … Continue reading Hatched

Penning gutter balls

That, in essence, is what lies at the very base of writing. Beyond the courage, caution, vision, precision, truth, kindness and sometimes the pink-faced grappling…To truly believe the words on your page. 

THE BALD – educated, beautiful, strong, faith-filled…WOMAN

On A Normal Affliction, my main mission is to debunk different ideals of normality that seem to flourish at the moment. Since last year, the topic of baldness on women has intrigued me because, although it is becoming more and more common, people still have very strong reactions to it. Being able to speak with … Continue reading THE BALD – educated, beautiful, strong, faith-filled…WOMAN

Unsolved problem of Makana sewage leaks

Sewage and its proper removal is important. However, sewage breaks and spillages have been a chronic problem in Grahamstown for a number of years. "Approximately 30% of Grahamstown’s sewage goes untreated into the Kowie River.” On campus alone, there are sewage leaks in front of Courtenay-Latimer Hall and Botha House while last year, spills were … Continue reading Unsolved problem of Makana sewage leaks