The anatomy of “Ant”

Play and losing that sense of fear was Ant's formic acid.


A note on ‘Time’

It's never too much though, allowing for an easy give-and-take between a bevvy of facts and quotes from big names, and suddenly returning to an immersive chat with easygoing, dressing gown Adele.

The smile chronicles

I asked them a few questions and then broke out of my comfort zone and took some pictures (I've never been a connoisseur of the camera). But it's been the most unexpectedly fun and joyful task.

Sometimes we laugh like her sister

“We let the audience be themselves,” said Rebecca, “and I had to resist getting tricks out of them”. Rebecca also hoped for the audience to experience the show instinctively through “sitting in stunned silence or laughing with discomfort or genuine hilarity”.


We experimented with sounds like the crunch of bones, the metalic sounds of a concave egg, the knock of beak on shell, the flex of unused wing.

Penning gutter balls

That, in essence, is what lies at the very base of writing. Beyond the courage, caution, vision, precision, truth, kindness and sometimes the pink-faced grappling…To truly believe the words on your page. 

First thing’s first

I have been told that it is often the 2nd paragraph that really gets a story going, the first being a buffer zone that, if cut out, you will arrive at where you really want to start your story.