Special Affects – and writing is special

For someone as indecisive as me, the endless potential that writing holds can be overwhelming but I also love how you never know what could become a masterpiece and as Jodi Picoult has said, “it doesn’t do any good until you pry it out”.

Writing is a great joy which carries so much for me and one reason for this is due to the fact that I am not a particularly talkative person so being able to organise my thoughts and spend time doing so is a triumph and a comfort for me. There is so much to unlock when you are writing because in amongst 26 unchangeable letters is a magnitude of things to say and the tools to do so.

As I move to quote Minot (and twirl my would-be moustache), I think of how right she was when she said,

“I was aware that it was the writer who had done something to me. And I thought, I’d like to do that to someone back.”

That is one of my favorite t50073b78864fba0f2503ba10de2c87b4hings about writing and it is something I would like to do myself. To use the potential to affect people who read your work even though you may never have met them or they may be vastly different to you. I have always loved the stories which go beyond the normal to the quirky, weird, peculiar, oddball and outlandish. I was thrilled by Roald Dahl’s Twits and read every last one of the Baudelaire’s Unfortunate Events. I have been affected by these stories and the great, understated things they have to share. Words can impart knowledge but they can and will leave you changed just like the bizarre story of a bear from darkest Peru or a little boy who loved him and grew up to write these words:

“My house in Budapest
  My, my hidden treasure chest
  Golden grand piano
  My beautiful Castillo”

I seek to affect in this way through my writing. Maybe through a shared experience, or my own,  unfamiliar ones. Maybe through a bit of knowledge. Maybe just through enjoyment.

On this vast space known as the blogosphere, I was unsure at first about which direction to venture into and then I realised that there was something which had been gnawing at me for years. So, this is it, my mandate. I declare that I will be sharing, creating and exploring on A Normal Affliction — just that. The crazed scope of what it is to be ‘normal’ while debunking a few myths of things believed to be weird.

Fine Print: Just like a melted clock or toe socks, it just may not be your ‘normal’. Ts and Cs apply.


One thought on “Special Affects – and writing is special

  1. Hi Holly, once this post got going, I was entranced. Your humour, the multiple and diverse references, the graphic interest points and, yes, the joining of dots — they all add up to an enlivening read. But there is a hesitancy to start with, borne out most obviously by long wordy sentences that don’t deliver a lot. To see what I mean, compare these early lines with the longer sentences of your final para (for instance). They have a purpose in life and they get on with that purpose. The beginning of your piece sounds like a lot of throat-clearing until, wham! you’re off and the reader is riding along with you. Let me know if what I say is unclear. I look forward to discussing such matters with you as the months unfold.


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