The house of quotes

The little silver box lay dormant. It’s static quite static and no microcosm leapt from its concave surface.

Until the weekend, that is, when we would take our drive to the video store and pick up a DVD player that we would only be ours for two days. We would pick out VHS tapes too. This was how it went for my family. The tv would never be on unless we had a movie playing. It wouldn’t stay on through the day, random family members flicking channels. With a family who didn’t have their own tv until my sister was 7 and I was 2, it made sense. For us, it was the videos and then dvds that did it.

pic 16-100

Image sourced and illustrated by me.

There isn’t a day that goes by where a quote isn’t chucked into normal conversation. A lot of jokes, laughs and perhaps unsure looks from someone who hasn’t watched one movie as many times as we have. I watched a YouTube video a while ago where one of the guys said how he would never watch a movie twice. I’ve heard others question why you would watch something old when you could be watching whatever’s new. But that’s totally missing the best part of movies – being able to watch them over and over again. I think if someone were to listen to a friend and I talk, I must ask ask her, “Have you seen [insert movie title]?” about 100 times. A conversation which normally ends in, “Noooo?” and then, “It’s really good, you should watch it.”

pic 15-100

Image drawn by me.

A now larger and significantly sleeker box lies dormant. Not even 7de Laan plays in the evening anymore. There are multiple remotes and a permanent dvd player but still, the raucous quoting of 1000 films can be heard from the kitchen.



One thought on “The house of quotes

  1. And there you have it in a nutshell! An article with a first sentence that makes you wonder, then burst into a surprise “knowing” exactly what the writer is talking about,an article that makes you laugh, almost cry at the sheer memories and fun contained in all that is The House of 1000 quotes! Beautiful article, thank you!


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