Word Doodle 21

Paint fell in blobs, rippling as they hit the ground. The face, etched in acrylic, let a single tear droop down the canvas. The brush fell, untethered, and with a sense that its artist had felt something deeply. bristles scattered, a palette landed with an underwhelming thump, colours mixing unceremoniously on the floor. A single … Continue reading Word Doodle 21


Word Doodle 20

Peg fell on her face quite often. Her eyes darted left and right, then, as if orchestrated by a tiny maestro, an eyelash got caught in the epicentre of her pupil. It sent waves of pain rippling over her moss-green iris and cascaded over the white sides, gushing past her waterline and sending black, eyeliner-infused … Continue reading Word Doodle 20