Humans vs…humans?

At my university, there is a tradition. Each year at about this time, there occurs a game. Aptly named Humans vs Zombies.

It begins with one zombie, the original, who slowly begins to infect others with a newly-minted virus (each year an appropriate back story is established). The siege of daily chases and zombie on human battles take place over 5 days and at the end, only a few humans remain.

In my first year, the concept of this was beyond exciting. It sounded epic and in many ways, it was. It created an atmosphere. It meant really fun night-time events where everyone donned their bandanas and fought for their side. However, the reality of it slowly started to sink in. These are people pretending to be ‘undead’ corpses who feed on others. Yes, it’s a common feature in video games and contagion movies like Zombieland but when I really started to think about it, it began to sit less and less well with me.


gif sourced.

The enjoyment garnered from it may be seen as harmless fun but it does nod to the more carnal side of humans. It’s a strange thing to get joy from if you really think about it because the reality of it would be terrifying. In my second year, I didn’t play because I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I used to love playing Plants vs Zombies, a lot, but even that is all about protecting my brain from being food.


Image sourced from pinterest.

I also stopped watching iZombie because it was more of the same. It’s the idea of revelling in the darkness of it that bugs me. I know a lot of people may disagree with me. They may also say that I am over-thinking this but it really is something that I have a problem with.

In the age we live in, perhaps less time should be spent on running around pretending to eat someone’s brain and more on – just anything more positive.


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